New from Housefish: Hex Modular Shelving

We are pleased to announce the imminent availability of our latest new product line: the Hex modular shelving system. The foundation of Hex is a custom hexagonal aluminum extrusion, which gives it incredible strength and stiffness, while still maintaining light weight. Like our signature Key line, Hex is very easy to assemble or disassemble, and is built to withstand whatever you pile on it. And of course, it emits no VOCs, contains no formaldehyde, and uses certified sustainably harvested wood. The hexagonal pattern in the sides echoes the cell structure of a beehive, but it isn't just for show. The cutouts significantly lighten the structure for easier shipping, and add visual lightness as well.

Hex will be available in a variety of heights and widths, and units can be joined together with additional shelves to form a continuous wall of shelving. Unlike typical wood shelving, the stiff aluminum extrusions allow for very long shelf spans with no visible sag, even when heavily loaded.

The Hex prototype shown here is currently on display until February at the Design By Colorado exhibit at Denver International Airport's terminal A bridge.

blog, news, productScott Bennett