Housefish Ashes Chair at Design After Dark 2013

We were very excited and honored to be asked to submit a piece for this years Design After Dark auction (this Friday, February 8th) to benefit the Design & Architecture department at the Denver Art Museum. This year's theme is "Cirque," and participants were randomly assigned one of three themes around which to base their piece: Tension, Contortion, and Illusion. We were given Illusion. This is what we came up with: the Ashes chair, a chair burned in a fire with nothing left to support its one remaining leg but its own shadow.

It's fun to design something once in a while with no thought to practicality, production concerns, shipping, or any of the other factors you have to consider in a normal piece. Although I couldn't resist taking the opportunity to further develop some of the solid wood CNC joinery methods we have been working on. Some of these details will eventually make their way into our normal product line.

We hear tickets are selling fast, and the event typically sells out. Be sure to say hi if you go.

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