CARBON Chair Prototype

Carbon F34 Carbon Back

Carbon F34B

CARBON seat detail



Introducing CARBON. Developed for the 2014 Design After Dark event, we created an entirely new proprietary concrete formulation using carbon fibers as reinforcement, rather than the typical gravel, steel, or glass fibers. The result is a lightweight, strong, efficient material that can be cast very thin, in this case, into a mold machined on a computer controlled router. We combined this with wood legs locked in place by a connecting node produced using 3d printing.

The resulting chair combines familiar-feeling materials that have been transformed by cutting edge technology.

Despite being concrete, the chair is light and the base gives it a subtle degree of movement. We are really pleased with how this turned out, and will be developing this concept for production shortly. Prototype #1 was acquired for the permanent collection of the Denver Art Museum.

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