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Key Modular Storage

Our Key modular storage collection is where it all started, and remains the heart of our line. A versatile storage solution, Key is available in three heights, two wood finishes, and eight door colors.

Pieces can be stacked and configured in multiple ways. The aluminum tenon keys give a high tech twist to an ancient joinery technique.

Exceptionally strong, Key ships flat and assembles in seconds with only a hammer.

Key Doors
from 99.00

Planar Chairs

The Planar chair fuses six flat surfaces into a surprisingly comfortable chair. The valley in the middle gets out of the way of your spine and tailbone, gently supporting your actual back and thighs. FSC certified plywood and powdercoated steel make a striking profile.



Key AV

Key AV is the media-loving big brother of Key.

Available in two heights, wide enough to hold any flat screen TV, and deep enough to contain large audio components. Can be used with two or three Key doors.

Key AV
from 899.00
Key Doors
from 99.00

 Lock Chairs and Stools

Colorful, durable, comfortable. Not a bad start, but what makes Lock even better? Simple assembly, of course—just slide the seat into the locking notch in the back and connect 4 screws.

Interested in commercial applications? Lock is also available in a BIFMA X5.1 certified version.

Lock Chair
from 299.00
Lock Counter Stool
from 349.00
Lock Bar Stool
from 379.00

Unlock Stools

The Unlock stool is a Lock stool with no back, hence no lock joint, and no assembly required.

Includes anodized aluminum stretchers front and rear. Available in the same finishes, and uses the same metal parts as the chair.

Unlock Bar Stool
from 339.00

Tension Table

Finally, the kind of tension you want at the dinner table. Our unique signature dovetail puzzle joinery system locks a plywood center section into a solid maple or walnut frame. The legs attach in seconds with no hardware—the two halves use their own spring tension to lock themselves firmly in place.

Tension Table
from 899.00

Pocket Desk

As the nature of work continues to change, so should the furniture we use for work. The Pocket desk strips these requirements to the core: a pocket in front to stash papers and pens (available with an optional drawer), and a pocket in back to store cords, wireless routers, power strips, chargers, and other infrastructure. Available in a taller height for use as a standing desk (perfect when paired with a stool).

Pocket Desk
from 795.00

Tercet Stools and Tables

The Tercet stool uses a 3-way interlocking puzzle joint reminiscent of traditional Japanese joinery methods in an updated, minimal form. The resulting stool is strong and light and beautiful in every detail.

Tercet features a hand-finished solid maple or walnut frame, with a maple or walnut Appleply seat

Tercet Bar Stool
from 349.00


An abstract branching structure calling to mind trees, rivers, or even lightning, Arbor uses our signature digital joinery to combine solid maple or walnut into a coat rack that holds everything you need, while looking stunning even as it stands empty.

Arbor Coat Rack
from 495.00

Housefish Studio Collection

The studio collection is our place to showcase our more experimental and exclusive work. These products use materials and techniques we find interesting, and which attempt to advance the state of the art around design. You may have seen some of this work at international exhibitions in Milan or New York, or at Denver shows like Design After Dark. These pieces generally receive a lot more personal, hands-on attention in their production, and take longer to make and receive.